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​​I am happy to be part of this new movement ” says Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi recently got associated with Breakthrough, an organization that addresses women’s rights. Not surprisingly, the actress makes for the perfect personality to associate with the cause,especially since she has been a strong example of creating a unique space for herself in a male-dominated industry.

The powerhouse performer confirms to have turned down several roles that required her to just be an accessory to the film. She says, “I believe in content. Just looking pretty next to the hero gives me no joy. I believe I have more to offer than that.”

Huma is also happy to be part of the Indian film industry at a time female-centric films are being celebrated and getting the due they deserve. ” I am happy to be part of this new movement; today women are carrying the weight of an entire film on their shoulders. Films like The Dirty Picture (2011), Queen (2013) and Kahaani (2012), among others, were game changers. Even in regular films, there has been a tectonic shift in how women are portrayed” adds Huma.

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