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Gul Panag travelled to set on a tractor due to heavy rainfall when shooting in Bhopal!

There are certain moments when an actor’s dedication and commitment to their work is really commendable, in one such instance, actress Gul Panag became a prime example of such a feat.

While shooting for the popular ZEE5 show Rangbaaz Season 2, the cast and crew were having major difficulties in Bhopal due to extreme rainfall. But since the team was on a tight deadline, they had to finish up their schedule and so at one time, the set was at a remote location which was very difficult to reach. But Gul Panag had some important scene which had to be finished on priority. Determined to continue the shoot she asked the production team to figure transportation somehow. The production team managed to arrange a tractor for Gul Panag and unflinchingly the sporting actor agreed. Gul Panag and her crew and the actress travelled for a couple of kilometres on the tractor to reach the sets.

Gul shared, “We extensively shot in Bhopal for Rangbaaz Season 2 and the rains made it quite difficult. On one particular day, the production team was quite stressed with the commute and they were even hesitant to approach me. But as soon as they suggested that the only way to reach the sets is to ride in a tractor, I was onboard.”

She further adds, “It is an unusual way to report on the set and most certainly a memorable one. I must say, the tractor ride was fun and my team and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Rangbaaz Season 2 is a fast-paced, crime thriller which encompasses caste supremacy and political rivalry of a gangster who was also referred to as ‘Robinhood’ by many. The nine-episode series based on a true story is an unusual tale of a dream gone wrong. The series further brings to the forefront the fateful encounter that ended his life.

Check out the the video sharee below.

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