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Shubhangi Atre a.k.a Angoori Bhabhi from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai

“Karva Chauth has always been one of my favorite festivals, more so because of the customs that my entire family follows together. I have been following this festival for the last 19 years and from the million memories that I have of this festival, I think the most special is from the one celebrated almost 2-3 years back. I along with a couple of friends and relatives had gathered together at a commonplace to celebrate the festival together. We were all dressed in our best and eagerly waiting for the moon to show up so that we could break our fast. Unfortunately, that evening turned out to be a real cloudy one where barely anything was visible, leave alone seeing the moon! Hungry and thirsty, we waited for the longest while until everyone lost hope and decided to do the pooja and break their fast. I have great respect and love for the rituals of this festival and was just not convinced to break my fast without seeing the moon. It so happened that when I reached home, I caught a glimpse of the moon and immediately did the pooja and broke my fast. That Karvachauth was one of my best because it really taught me a lesson that is to never lose hope and know that happiness can come to you when most unexpected. Till date, nothing has ever gone wrong during this festival and I am glad that however, this day might have gone, all ended well for me!”

Hunar Hale a.k.a Rukmani from Paramavatar Shri Krishna

“Karvachauth has always been a festival that brings in an abundance of memories, but the memories of the first celebration are always the ones most cherished. My first karvachauth was when I had recently shifted to Mumbai and my father-in-law sent me my sargi from Delhi a night before the festival. My mother-in-law had passed away a while ago, and he took up the responsibility to especially shop for it and send it to me, only to make my first Karvachauth an extremely special one. I think it was the sweetest and generous gesture that anyone had done for me and the delight at the efforts taken by him was unmatchable. Undoubtedly the sargi was the most delicious one that I have had in all these years purely because it came as a delightful surprise to me.  My husband, of course, made this more memorable where instead of breaking my fast with water, he made me drink a soft drink. Ever since then it’s a tradition we have followed over the years and just like the first, my father-in-law continues sending me my sargi every year. Despite all these years, these two memories continue to remain most fresh and special in my mind.”

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