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102 Not Out Director Umesh Shukla: Rishi Kapoor is a very spontaneous actor

Director Umesh Shukla is back to the silverscreen with his forthcoming directorial 102 Not Out. 102 Not Out is a story of 102 year old Dad played by Amitabh Bachchan and his 75 year old son played by Rishi Kapoor. The plot revolves around the 102-year-old man trying to break the record for the oldest person in the world, held in the movie by a Chinese Man.

102 Not Out is scheduled to release on 4th of May 2018.

In an interview with Cinespeaks, director Umesh Shukla speaks about the film.

Q: Tell us something about your forthcoming directorial 102 Not Out?
Umesh: 102 Not Out has a very universal appeal and the script of the film is extremely strong. It is based on a Gujarati play which was produced by me and written by Saumya Joshi. It is a light hearted entertaining film with lots of humour. It is a simple story of an 102 year old Dad and his relationship with a 75 year old son. So, it is a different subject and I hope the audience will appreciate the film.

Q: Tell us something about the casting of Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor?
Umesh: I grabbed the opportunity to narrate the script through Abhishek Bachchan who is a dear friend of mine. I initially approached Abhishek and then sat down with Bachchanji to narrate the script with my writer Saumya Joshi. Within few minutes of narration, he agreed to do the film. As far as Rishi Kapoor is concerned, he too got immediately interested with the storyline.

Q: Was it challenging to adapt the subject of the play into a full fledged film?
Umesh: Theatre and a feature film are diametrically opposite. A play is a live form of entertainment which is not the case with a film. A drama has around 7 to 8 scenes which are split accordingly. On the other hand, a film has around 70 to 80 scenes where we need to make the audience understand. So, the process is entirely different and both of them have their own challenges and demands.

Q: Were there any workshops and rehearsals held for the film?
Umesh: We had workshops at Bachchanji’s residence for around two days. I must admit the fact that Bachchanji is extremely focused and sure about his preparation and rehearsals. He likes to have things in proper place with perfection. Once the camera starts to roll, his performance is extremely subtle and you wouldn’t feel that it is a rehearsed performance. On the other hand, Rishiji is a total spontaneous actor. He likes to perform on the set and bring his own charm to the scene. I am really blessed and fortunate to have such legendary actors in my film.


Q: Who is a better performer – Amitabh Bachchan or Rishi Kapoor?
Umesh: It is a tough question! Both these actors are unique in their own ways and have their own charm. Rishiji’s performance is always progressive with every take. On the other hand, Bachchanji is very sure of perfection and will repeatedly keep on giving retakes until he gets the desired essence in the scene. So, there is no comparison between these actors.

Q: Does a director’s point of view change on set when working with such established actors?
Umesh: No! Bachchanji and Rishiji made me feel comfortable on the set. They were really collaborative and gave me the comfort and freedom to talk to them without any hesitation. It is their greatness that they maintained a feel good and comfortable working environment on the set. The script demanded them to walk barefoot in a few scenes and without any argument they agreed to it. So, it was great working with them.

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