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Exclusive : Himansh Kohli on his upcoming film ‘Dil jo na kehe saka’- “I got carried away by the story”-

From the set of ‘Dil jo na kahe saka'A radio jockey-turned-actor, Himansh Kohli made his Bollywood debut in 2014 with the movie Yaariyan directed by Divya Khosla. Himansh initially worked as an RJ for Radio Mirchi (Delhi) and then went on to feature in the soap opera Humse Hai Life, which was aired on Channel [V]. It was during that time that he got his break in the movie Yaariyan and so he left the show only to come back later to shoot for the show’s finale. However, the actor’s first project received negative reviews at the box office and failed to connect with the audience. His 2017 releases include the movies Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai and Ranchi Diaries.

Tik-Tak with Himansh Kohli 

SYNOPSIS of the film ‘Dil jo na kehe saka’

A romantic drama that follows the story of two childhood friends who end up going separate ways to follow their dreams. Eventually, they return to their hometown where they chance across each other and soon discover that there is more to their relationship than just friendship.

Tell us something about the film and the story.
It’s a simple story there is no complex situation in the story it’s a simple love story which revolves around these two character jay and Seia, and these characters are very much inspired from a middle-class background so I believe most of the audience will get to connect with the characters. Apart from the characters this film has so much in it people will love it this is totally an amalgamation of everything”.
How did u land up with this role?
This just happened from nowhere I met our director in the elevator, after a chat he said that he is making a love story, I showed interest and asked him about the character and did he finalized the main guy in it so he said that no he is still looking for it. I asked him what exactly is he looking for a youngster or someone little older, I was quite interested at that very moment. I got carried away with the story the way he narrated the script to me the, I felt that this is something I wanted to come up with, a story that connects with me and audience”.
How was your journey from TV to Film?
“So far I’m loving the journey since the time I have started with television its all about working but now in films, it’s all about exploring my self my own abilities I have been reinventing with every character I do on screen. And working with veteran actors you also get to learn so much from them, this journey has been a blessing disguised to me”.

How was it working with Priya?
“It was amazing working with her, I have been working with a lot of co-actors now but I think she is really good when it comes to acting. We bonded up really well on the set”.


A Canadian actress of Indian origin Priya Banerjee, Origin is noted for her work in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. The actress whose family hails from Kolkata was born and raised in Calgary, Canada. She started her career as a model and participated in the Miss World Canada in 2011 where she won the Miss Photogenic Award. She then worked as a TV show host in Canada before eventually moving to India in 2012 to pursue a career in acting.

To hone her acting skills, Priya studied acting at the Anupam Kher’s acting academy named Actor Prepares. She made her debut on the silver screen with Kiss (2013), a Telugu film directed by Sesh. Her other notable film credits include Ula (2014), which marked her debut in Tamil cinema, Jazbaa (2015), and 2016 The End (2017), a comedy-drama directed by Jaideep Chopra.
Tell us something about your journey from South to Bollywood?
“It has been very smooth, in fact, my first Bollywood film Jazba also happened for my south Indian film”.
How choosy are you when it comes to picking your roles in films?

As an actor when you are new to the industry and not from a filmy Background I believe you should keep on working. In the beginning, whatever role I used to get I did them but now working after a certain amount of films I go for those roles, which make sense to me. At the same time, I don’t believe in sitting back at home and waiting for the right script to happen, it is very important to keep working and make you visible on the screen“.
You’ve also made your debut in Indian digital space with Vikram Bhatt’s thriller web series ‘’Rain’’ so how was your experience of working with Vikram Sir?

“It was such a privilege working with Vikram, in fact, he is among one of them who has always believed in me since day one”.

Do you feel that web series in digital space is now getting that edge over films and TV?

“Absolutely as long as you have a good story or if your content is strong then the platform doesn’t matter”.

Tell us something about your role in this film?

“Seia is basically a girl next door, the small town wants to be a chef, very ambitious and obsessed with a celebrity chef. My character Seia also share’s a very close bond with Himansh’s character she has grown up being his best friend, A lot of people can relate to her character because the way she is ambitious, close to her family”.
As an actor any one particular character that was difficult for you but still you managed to just pull it off?

“Yes, in Vikram Bhatt’s web series rain It was pretty hard to play, the character is very intense. I cannot say anything about the character because it will reveal the plot”.


By Pramit Chakraborty



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