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4 Exclusive voot original Webseries that you can binge watch this extended Diwali weekend.

It’s Not That Simple: ‘It’s not that simple’ is a first of its kind relationship drama that explores the complexities of urban marriages. The story is about a school reunion, which along with fond memories also brings back a little part of Meera that was lost in the process of just ‘being a wife’. Tempting her to go on a journey to find her lost self again, is an unfinished love triangle from days bygone. Will she find love and liberation for herself? Will an affair with an ex flame give her the validation she needs? Or will the new leaf she turns over fix the cracks of the marriage?

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UNTAG – UNTAG, the new web series is a celebration of diversity and uniqueness of a few such special lives of transgender, highly fat people and more… Every episode of UNTAG is intended to have a lot of humour and also some emotional moments exploring the human sides of each of the diverse characters. The show intends of subtly reflecting on few hard hitting ideologies otherwise hushed or revolted about.

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Yo Ke Hua Bro – Set in the hinterland of Haryana, YKHB challenges gender stereotypes. This VOOT Originals revolves around these two pillars—comedy and drama. The story highlights the women’s way of carving a niche in a male dominated society, by using the inherent male weakness for pretty women.

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Stupid Man Smart Phone: Accompanied by a different travel celebrity partner every week, Sumeet Vyas, the anchor to the show has only one means of survival that is – a smart phone. They will be dropped into rough terrains like the forest, desert, mountains — armed only with internet access, a battery pack and some basic supplies for the this expedition. The duo will have to rely on the help received from their social media following or survival tips to get them out of tough situations that they encounter on the trail.

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