Movie Review of Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran
Star Cast: John Abraham, Boman Irani, Diana Penty, Anuja Sathe, Yogendra Tiku.
Director: Abhishek Sharma.

Story: John Abraham’s Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran is a film based on true incidents and depicts the events which occurred in 1998 when Indian government was successful in testing the nuclear bomb test explosions which was conducted by the Indian Army at Pokhran in 1998. In the film, Ashwat Raina’s (John Abraham) idea of nuclear power is taken less seriously by the government of India. His constant efforts in strengthening the nation’s security doesn’t see any significant implementation and Ashwat quits disappointingly. Post some years, when the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government comes to power in 1998, the Prime Minister of India asks his Principal Secretary Himanshu Shukla (Bomani) to seek Ashwat’s help and rework the idea of nuclear test explosions at Pokhran. Finally, Ashwat ropes in experts from various fields which also includes Ambalika (Diana Penty) from the security department. The rest of the story is a depiction of how the nuclear bomb test explosions were successful in 1988.


John Abraham in uniform is the show stealer of the film. Kudos to John for backing such an engaging film. His performance is extremely genuine and he makes you feel interested throughout the film. There aren’t any flaws in his performance and John has played his character to perfection.

Boman Irani as Right Hand of PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee delivers an impressionable performance. He plays a significant part in the film. He is convincing and genuine.

Diana Penty as Ambalika from the security department is interesting in the film. Diana has played her part very well in the uniform and looks good. It is great to watch Diana in an altogether a different avatar since her last few films.

Yogendra Tiku’s performance brings in a little amount of relief with some comic scenes.

Music and Dialogues: Music of the film makes very little impact. The background score is good as it keeps you invested in crucial scenes. Dialogues are good.

Direction: Director Abhishek Sharma has made a film which is based on true incidents and the story is quite unheard of. Right from the first frame, the film builds up the excitement and keeps you invested throughout the story of the film. Kudos to writers Sanyukta Chawla and Saiwyn Quadris who had last penned the script of Neerja (2016) for writing a balanced and engaging script. Script wise, the screenplay has thrilling sequences which are executed brilliantly. Abhishek Sharma makes the film look real and authentic and draws your attention in the film easily. The film has maintained a good balance of being purely patriotic in an honest way rather than being overtly jingoistic. The satellite sequences and the other technical aspects are captured very well. Abhishek Sharma’s direction will make you think of how the incidents had unfolded in the year 1998 in reality.

Cinespeaks Verdict: Parmanu is a must watch for every youngster of the nation. The film is an educative storytelling of one of the biggest achievements of the Indian Army which hasn’t been much heard of. The film will make you feel proud of your country and will also instill a sense of patriotism in an honest way. Full marks for actor John Abraham for bringing the real incident to the screen. There is nothing to complain about this film as you will really feel the honesty with which the story has been told. Overall, Parmanu is a must watch for every Indian. Cinespeaks gives a rating of 4 stars.

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