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Interview: Sanya Malhotra: ‘Badhaai Ho’ is the first film I instantly agreed to sign as it completely mesmerized me!!!

After the whopping response of ‘Pataakha’ Sanya Malhotra signs another interesting and unique film by Amit Sharma titled ‘Badhaai Ho.’ The film is scheduled to hit screens on 19th October, clashing with Arjun Kapoor starrer, Namste England.
Meanwhile we spotted Sanya and asked her several questions and queries.

We spotted Sanya with an injured leg, we asked her the reason behind the injury, to which she says, “I was shooting for a Dance Number which is sung by Guru Randhava and Neha Kakkar. I’m a huge fan of Guru Randhava so I could just can’t let go this wonderful opportunity. And performing a dance number has always been a desire to me. So while dancing I got this injury.”

We hope she recovers soon. Further we asked her about her experience shooting for Badhaai Ho and the story behind getting on board. Sanya expresses, “My manager received a call from Amit sir’s team asking to fix my appointment for the narration. Usually what happens is we’ve the one liner of the film, we are introduced to the genre. But no such thing happened during this one. I agreed to hear the narration. During the narration, I laughed my heart loud! As soon as narration got over, I instantly agreed to sign the film. Unlike the other cases where I take time to sign a film, I’ve never been so quick while choosing a script. I was totally mesmerized by the story, by the narration given to me. And the reason behind this instance was I don’t wish to lose this amazing script.”

Well, that was interesting to hear. After we heard Sanya praising the script so much, we asked the most convincing part of the film. To which she answers, “The most convincing part is the writing of the film. It’s written in such an impressive manner, portrayal of every character is just fantastic! There is a thin line between vulgarity and sensible comedy, and the script is written considering that line. And the other factor which convinced me to my core was my character. My character is the most sensible one. She takes the whole situation in a very positive way, in an optimistic point of view. She tries to convince Nakul that its fine is his parents got pregnant. Love has no age barrier and if a couple is in love, they can get intimate at whatever age they want to.”

So as she was most convinced with her character in the film, we questioned her about how relatable she is with the character in the film, to which she answered, “We both think alike. Actually when I signed the film, I was already shooting for ‘Photograph.’ And within a month I was asked to start shooting for Badhaai Ho. So for me it was a huge jump from Photograph to Badhaai Ho. In photograph, I was playing an introvert character and all of the sudden getting into the skin of this was difficult. Initially I thought that it’ll be an easy going role but I was wrong. I attended the hearings several times. And I’m from Delhi but I’m not the typical Delhi girl, so I observed the people around keenly as a prep.”

So the film is about the pregnancy of parents who already have 2 kids. So after the launch of the trailer, have you come across any such real life incident from your circle? To which she answers, “Yes! I came across several such incidents in my family and friends circle. I feel that it’s a very unique topic to be told, which Bollywood previously never touched or came close to. Besides being unique it’s very relatable as well.”

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