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Yuvraj Malhotra on working in TV: Being young is an advantage

With so many budding actors entering the television industry on a regular basis, actor Yuvraj Malhotra admits that there is a lot of competition today. However, the actor says that talent and luck can take you places. “I agree that there is too much competition nowadays but your talent is what matters. I also think that your luck and how you get along with others also play an important part,” he says.

The actor says that the industry is also growing and different concepts are accepted today. “I don’t think the industry has changed but the content in the industry has grown a lot. There are a variety of shows and films. This shows that there are good writers. There are a lot of artists doing great work, and this is leading to competition. The most important thing is the industry is keeping up with the changing taste of the audience,” says Yuvraj, who was seen in the show, Savitri Devi College & Hospital, last.

The actor says that being young can be beneficial in TV as you get a wide variety of roles to play. “I think being young is an advantage as you fit in a lot of roles. But at the same time, I feel that experience comes with age. So, being young is an advantage as you can explore and experiment with a lot of things but as an when you grow, you will start understanding the industry more,” says the actor who has been seen in shows such as Ghar ki Lakshmi Betiya on Zee Tv, Kis desh may hai mera dil on Star Plus, Sapno ke bhanwar mein on Life Ok and Badi devrani on &tv.

Talking about future plans he says, “I want to play a romantic hero on screen. Basically, I want to do love stories.”

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