Here’s why we are going ga-ga over Amit’s new look

Actor-producer Amit Sarin has recently gone for a clean shave look and we are impressed! We seem to agree with people close to him who urged him to shave his beard. “I think after a long time, over 3 years, I shaved. Actually, Peter, my manager and partner, saw footage of my shows online and insisted that I shave. He said very few can carry both a stubble and a clean shave look and I was one of them. Well, after the shave, he just jumped up and said fantastic! And he was absolutely right. He said my director Dwight Little of my first Hollywood project Tiger Heart might faint to see me in the new clean-shaven look!” he says.

He adds, “I agree with Peter and I think I can carry both a stubble/ beard and a clean shave look.”

The actor-producer has been getting a great response. “Actually, it’s over 1.5 years since I’m in LA and this is the very first time that people who I know are seeing me in a clean shave look. They are really liking it. The biggest compliment came was from my wife Vineesha. She told me that I reminded her of Kkusum days,” he says.

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