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A fan asked Kapil Sharma why he requires girls as ‘props’ for his show, Kapil clears the air with his reply!

Kapil Sharma show is once again back and enjoying all the limelight, love and attention it already deserves. The ongoing season has Kapil Sharma once again at the helm of things and a new addition to this season is Krushna Abhishek as well have seen in the first two episodes of the show featuring Simmba star cast and the ” ‘Khan’ daan”.

However if there’s any personality who has been constantly there in every show of Kapil in every season in every channel, it is none other than our very own ‘Sidhu’ paaji aka Navjot Singh Sidhu.

The show is actually incomplete without Sidhu throwing his shero shayaris for any actress coming to the show and with a gang of gorgeous ladies surrounding him behind..

While many have taken it sportingly as a healthy joke, a fraud seems to be using the same for his own ill benefits…

The person apparently posted a status on his facebook where he spoke about how Kapil Sharma’s show needs nice and pretty girls to sit behind Sidhu ji for the show and hence to be casted for the same, they need to message him in private and get back to him.

This made a fan ask Kapil as to why he requires such ladies as his ‘props’ to enhance the appeal of the show since his owm talent is enough to take the show to the apex..

The fan named Abhinav wrote –

Such a Planning. Why only Girls Why Not Boys? @sherryontopp Ki Shayari Ka Raaz Hain Kya. @KapilSharmaK9 You rock Man. U don’t need such Props.

Kapil was quick to spot it and was quick to defend his show as he exposed how the person is a repeated offender and fraud.

He replied –

This is some fake guy.. don’t trust him..

We wonder that despite having MeToo, when will some people learn about conduct with women? Or will they won’t ever?


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