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A leading media website questions Taapsee’s absence from Filmfare Awards, Taapsee’s response will make u respect her even more!

We all know how awards work in India.. Especially when the film awards season kicks off with one award show happening after the other. While there are many awards show that happen during this season, the likes of the Filmfare Awards,  Stardust Awards, Zee Cine Awards, Star Screen Awards and IIFA, one can easily say that the Filmfare Awards is generally considered as the epitome of all the film awards that in India. 

So what makes Filmfare Awards the epitome of all the Awards in India? Is it the brand itself? Or the credibility? Or because of the pr and the camaraderie that stars have the magazine? 

From an audience perspective, one would want it to be the credibility factor because at the end of the day, it’s the deserving ones who should be nominated for various categories and win an award. 

But is it the same with Filmfare Awards 2019? A leading media website ‘The Quint’ questions the credibility of the Filmfare Awards this year which prove it to be just a sham.. 

Not just the fact that they raised doubts about how Gajraj Rao won for ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ while his counterpart in ‘Badhaai Ho’,  Neena Gupta won for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role’ when both had equal parts in the film, they also questioned Taapsee’s absence from the nomination in the popular category whereas her characer was equally popular like Deepika’s in ‘Padmaavat’ or Alia in ‘Raazi’. 

While Taapsee’s fans might be upset with this uncalled for cold shoulder that she has been shown from Filmfare, Taapsee’s response to the issue would make you respect her more. 

Here’s how the conversation went on:
@NandsRam talks about some of the issues with this year’s Filmfare Awards.

” 9 Questions we have about the FilmFare Awards this year. “
One of them being – 

Why was Taapsee not nominated for best actress? 

Here’s what the ‘Pink’ lady has to say on this herself – 

And the question number 10 to you lovely people… since when are these awards ultimate yardstick to how good you were??? The fact that you all missed me there is a big acknowledgement for me, I can happily live with that and make more such movies you love me in ❤️ 🥂 @TheQuint https://t.co/LRCTh9N6PD

Kudos to you, Taapsee.. Truly you are made for bigger things. Cheers to your indomitable spirit. 


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