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Achherr Bhaardwaj Exclusively on Cinespeaks….


Exclusive Chit Chat with Achher

From the show Tu Mera Hero had a candid chat with us. He told us how he first landed up in Mumbai. He said, “I was working in an IT company in London when this acting bug bit me and I left everything to start from scratch in mumbai. He also said, “I am getting offers for small roles in films but I remain busy 25 days a month in Tu Mera Hero. On asking about the similarities in him and his character he told, ” In real life I am completely opposite of what Mukund is. I think I am not that quite and intense like Mukund. Sharing his experiences he further added, “I actually gave audition for the main lead but got selected for Mukund. I also have few new projects in pipeline, some Tv shows and a punjabi film. On his 2 female co-actors he said, “I think they are the best co-actors anyone could get a chance to work with. Both are pranksters, fun loving and food loving like me so we get along well. Talking about the critics he said, “I take criticism very positively if its from the right person. I try and improve my flaws so to get better. There are chances that I might come in a reality show but only after Tu Mera Hero.

Achherr is nominated for Best Actor in a negative role (Male). Cinespeaks wish him All the very best.

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