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Actor Shreyas Talpade supports education for the girl child

Mumbai, Date: Having risen to fame with his brilliant acting in Iqbal as an aspiring young boy, actor Shreyas Talpade has always been a grounded individual in his real life too. Having found his footing in an industry even without a godfather, Shreyas understands the struggles faced by those who dream. So when a young girl with stars in her eyes looked up to him for financial help to take up her medical course, he didn’t think twice before saying yes!

The girl student is under the mentoring program of Vidyadaan Sahayyak Mandal, an NGO working towards fulfilling the dreams of education of underprivileged students since 2008. She was referred to Shreyas by Saanvi Social Welfare Organisation. Being a very bright child who scored 92% in her school, she aspires to be a doctor but lacks the financial backing she needs. Talpade stepped in here to shoulder the responsibility of one year’s education for Shubhangi Shinde. Thrilled at the opportunity to study, the girl and her family were grateful and teary-eyed when they heard the news. 

Apart from being a noble act, this act shows us the humane side of Shreyas and his innate nature to nurture dreams. We are proud to hear this, Shreyas!

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