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Adhyayan’s wonderful surprise for his father Shekhar Suman on his birthday!

It was Shekhar Suman whose feedback Adhyayan wanted for his debut song. Adhyayan wanted to make sure that his father Shekhar hears it before anybody else. But since Shekhar Suman is in Delhi for a shoot, Adhyayan decided to fly down to the capital to get the feedback first hand. Since it happened to be Shekhar Suman’s birthday on the 7th of December, Adhyayan felt it would be the best surprise to not just spend time with him but show him the song as his birthday gift.

Adhyayan says, “I was very nervous to make dad hear the first draft of my song. He is very very critical about my work. And when he heard he said I think you have a winner Mr. Suman and that to be very honest gave me a lot of strength and courage to move ahead with this.”

Commonly, we see actors singing for their films but an actor coming up with a single music video is rare. Adhyayan Suman, is all set to debut as a singer next week. He says, ” I didnt train because I wanted to keep my emotions and style intact. Of course I was very particular about not using the auto tuner or over process my voice. The rawness is what I prefer.”

Adhyayan says: “It took me about 4 months and 29 drafts to make this song .Abhijeet Vaghani is the biggest music producer we have in our country and he has supported me immensely with my song . Thanking him everyday of my life won’t be enough .”

Composed by Adhyayan’s friend and renowned singer composer Harshit Chauhan, this song has elements of love, happiness and dance. The video has been directed by Shakti Hasija and choreographed by Rajit Dev. “I had always been passionate about singing but never had the courage to take it up professionally. I wanted to dabble in different forms of art, be it acting, singing, directing or even writing and want to be an artiste and not the guy who wants to show the world he can sing,’Adhyayan adds. The Song will be officially launched on 21st December.

Actor Adhyayan Suman’s movie songs have been on all the ears and very popular among the youth. Especially songs from the films Raaz – The Mystery Continues, Haal-e-dil, Jashnn, Heartless to name a few. One of the most expensive music video single of the year Main Saare Nu Chadiya is considered to beAdhyayan’s professional singing debut. For the song, Adhyayan chose not to take any vocal training because he did not want to loose that rawness in his voice. The video has been shot in Goa for a week. Italian model Jeniffer Piccinato is been featured against Adhyayan in the music video. Music composer Harshit Chauhan has composed music for Adhyayan in the single video and interestingly he is about to compose all the songs of Adhyayan’s next movie as well. Adhyayan hopes the song will be party hit for the 31st eve this year.

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