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AKSHAY KUMAR: 2.0 has a social message; I was very happy that I’m getting a chance to work with ‘The Rajnikanth’

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar says his upcoming film ‘2.0’ attempts to convey a global message on climate change. ‘2.0’ is releasing on November 29. Villain on the screen but a hero in real life talks about ‘Bharat ke Veer’ and more about his majestic villain look.

Q. What was your first reaction when you got to know about your role in 2.0?
I was pretty excited when I first heard the screen play because I’ve never heard anything like this before. I’ve done many social films but this was one social film which has international message. Nobody has even thought about something like this. And I was surprised that Mr. Something thought of it like this, he came out with such a brilliant idea. I can’t tell you more, you have to watch the film for it and see what the whole message is about. Plus I was very happy that I’m getting a chance to work with ‘The Rajnikanth’. And they also told me that this is going to be India’s most expensive film. So I when I got the chance to be in it, I just took it.

Q. Did you suffer a lot from all the prosthetics?
No, I did not suffer but it was difficult to sit quietly and patiently for 3 and a half hours while people are working on you. I am a very patient man, but these people made me more subtle. And after the shooting sitting again for one and a half hour. This was continued for almost 40 days and that was a very painful process. My body used to be full of sweat once it all was removed. Plus you cannot eat because your body has to be intact in that. So only liquid diet was allowed.

Q. Rajnikanth recently said its your film and not his, what’s your take on this?
He is very humble, kind and nice. Its very much his film too. As the title is 2.0, I cannot be 2.0, he is 2.0. I am just the Amrish Puri of this film.

Q. Any anecdotes you’d like to share?
We both used to speak in Marathi. He is a maharashtrain and I also know Marathi. He is a great man and its amazing that with very dialogue, he makes it an epic dialogue. He puts entertainment in very line. He is a very professional and humble man and he is what he is.

Q. Your look has created a huge amount of hype in the public. Did you anticipate this before?
I don’t know whether it is a highlight or not but this movie is the best technical film India has produced. Its an original 3D film where you can feel every bit of it, its not transformed into 3D. Its an amazing concept to watch in 3D. Mr. Shankar is kind of a director equivalent to James Camron given steroids. So everything is larger than life. Its like when you go to watch Transformer where two robots are fighting each other and we come out and say wow, enjoyed a lot. So this is not a comparison with them as their budget is way high but here the concept and social message is amazing.

Q. What are your expectations from the film?
I think technical wise, the movie will be appreciated a lot. Other things I leave it upto the audience. But surely, it is one of the finest 3D India has ever produced.

Q. Will the story and narration take a back seat because of 3D?
No, it will not. It will enhancing it, the message what the film has to give comes out clean and crystal clear. You will leave the theatre knowing what the message is of the story.

Q. What is the exciting thing about playing a villain?
Firstly, to play a villain you require very less days. I just shot for 38 days.

Q. Do you see any difference in Hindi films compared to South films?
The technology in the South is very advanced. And more professional. They start shooting at the time decided, here it starts two hours late. You can learn a lot from them. A newcomer should 5 films there and then come here, they will learn a lot. They take about 35-50 shots in a single day. And we do about 12-13 shots in one day. They are fast and don’t take others for granted, they value other people’s time.

Q. Are you nervous for the release?
Yes I’m nervous about it but the producer must be more nervous. Last I spoke to him, he was a very happy man. Its a huge film in many languages music and overseas.

Q. What did Shankar brief you about the character?
He narrated me the whole story, I knew everybody’s character. I loved the concept. The world is not only for humans, here animals and birds are also there. So, the earth doesn’t belong to humans only, this is the whole idea of the film.

Q. Have you done any regional film?
I have done a Kannada film, Vishnu Vijaya.

Q. Would you love to do more sci-fi movies in future?
Yes, I would love to.

Q. Has the film changed your lookout towards tech?
Yes, I have learnt a lot. What a green screen can do to you, it can change your persona and environment. It has all the power. Technology can change the world. However, I prefer live.

Q. Do you have plans to work in Netflix or any web series?
I haven’t been approached yet but I would love to do it, anything on digital platform.

Q. Mission Mangal will feature female stars, how do you feel about it?
The script demands them to be ahead. They are the real heroes. I am supposed to be behind them even though I am producing it. I am very happy to see these five girls, who are very big in their own way, are not bothered that there are five of them coming together,

Q. Is your son, Aarav interested in coming into Bollywood? Would you let him?
He is just 16 years old, I would like to let him live his life rather than put pressure on him and ask whether he is interested in films. I am not that kind of a father, I will let him live, he is right now interested to be with his friends, enjoy life and study. Like every youngster, he is very much interested in technology, so I think I will let him live.

Q. What is the toughest part of being an actor?
Akshay: There is no tough part, everything is a happy part.

Q. How did your family react to your look?
I clicked a lot of selfies with my family. My wife and daughter were there with me. My daughter was quite excited to see me in the look and she was not scared at all because she saw that some people are putting something on her father’s face. She was fine.

Q. Can you tell us something about Bharat ke veer
This initiative is for Every Marty soldier of The Indian Army, whose family will get Rs 15 lakh. You can donate directly to individual braveheart’s account (upto max of ₹ 15 lakhs) or may donate to the Bharat Ke Veer corpus. There is a list of soldiers who laid down their lives for the country. Anybody can choose any soldier listed and can donate any amount as per one’s convenience which goes directly into the bank account of the family member of the soldier. The amount gets added and is indicated online. Once Rs 15 lakh get (sum total) amounted against any soldier’s name that name gets out of the system and the new name gets added.

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