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Akshay Kumar and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced the initiative Asmita on Women’s Day

Another step towards women empowerment and gender neutrality

The Maharashtra government, under the Asmita scheme, will facilitate easy access to sanitary napkins for adolescent girls in all districts of Maharashtra. This initiative was announced by Akshay Kumar and the Chief Minister Of Maharashtra at an event in Mumbai.

Taking forward their narrative of women-friendly governance, the we department of Rural Development will be doing awareness campaign in all districts of Maharastra.

Actor Akshay Kumar congratulated the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for taking this initiative called Asmita.

The government will be making it affordable by increasing usage from 17to 70 percent .. More the usage lesser the cost so the cost will go down upto 50 percent and giving a pack of 8 napkins to Zilla Parishad school girls only for 5 rupees

So even after having money people were not getting pads in the village and remote areas. But, now Sanitry pads will be available in almost every village and will be sold by Women of self help group.

The government launched a state-wide campaign to provide low cost sanitary napkins to every school girl in government schools across the state. In addition to school-going girls, the Maharashtra government will also provide sanitary napkins to women in rural communities at 62 paise per pad only and that to in the village while cost of per napkin is 2.4 Rupees for normal Women .

Akshay Kumar’s Padman has finally changed the stigma around periods in India.


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