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Akshay Kumar shows his soft side for the little ones!

Akshay Kumar aka Khiladi Kumar is a hot favorite for everyone. For people across all genres and all age groups, Khiladi Kumar is the man for all when it comes to power packed performances. 

Akshay Kumar has been ruling the roost since ages and he has always ensured that he is a “Producer’s Actor” since he has always worked to ensure that a producer doesn’t lose out on any money or gains. 
Akki makes movies which appeal to all age groups, a big reason as to why the fan following keeps soaring high and high with every film. 

If Gold had the emotions and moments for a serious patriotic movie, Robot 2.0 was a fun business for all the kids especially. 
This is why when his movie comes out, everyone is excited from kids to adults and it is in this regard that we see an adorable instance where little kids show their love for Akshay Kumar and Kesari.

A fan tweeted about the same and posted an adorable picture.His name is Gagan Mohan Singh. 

#Kesari Kids super excited about being a part of history and getting to know a part of their history. #KesariAtPVR https://t.co/B9Rqcu9EZi

Akshay Kumar found the picture extremely adorable and hence he couldn’t stop himself from replying to the adorable photo.  

Akshay Kumar – 
This is the cutest picture I’ve seen today, hope they enjoyed the film. God bless them ❤️ https://t.co/eJdu9TlabD

God bless Akshay and these little munchkins. Fandom for a reason. 


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