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Amitabh Bachchan talks about different generations of Cinema

Amitabh Bachchan is the most loved actor from generations. He is one of those veteran Actor who still actively is a part of the industry and has seen and worked in the Bollywood for generations. Despite being 75 years of age, the actor has received Best Actor award for his role in his recent movie Pink.

Since he has been a part of the industry for 50 years, witnessing the change of era and difference and development on the making of cinema, he was asked which era is his favorite. To this, Big B replied saying all the eras are his favorites and he can’t choose one. Each era has given him love and work, thus it will be injustice on his behalf to choose any one. He went on to say that we find our times to be the best, in the coming generations; they will find their time to be the best.

Talking about the generation change in cinema, he says. “We have seen times where we were scared because of the pressure to give our best in the first shot itself. Such was the budget and schedule that we could not afford retakes. We were even scared that we would we asked to be out of the film if we wouldn’t perform in the first take. Times have changed now, producers today want the best from their Actors, keeping aside the schedule and budget.”

“While shooting for Pink’s court scene, we had seven cameras rolling constantly, each camera focusing of different characters and their roles in the scene, this is how our cinema is evolving. Movies like Pink and Piku have been a change in the era and I am glad to be a part of such movies.” He continued.

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