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Amol Gupte for Sniff

Amol Gupte, the actor-director is one of those multi faceted personalities of the Bollywood industry who has learnt to take things in his stride be it success or failure. He went on to prove his mettle as an actor when he played an antagonist, in “Kaminey” and walked away with the filmfare award. The director who is returning after a hiatus is set direct a children’s film titled “Sniff”. Speaking about the film, the director said, “I was longing to make a children’s film. It’s great working with such tiny talents and work is play when I am around them. I made sure that it doesn’t effect their studies. It is about a small guy who possess extraordinary powers of smelling a rat in a situation with his nose.”

Also, he went on to explain that how everybody is concerned with the adults and that filmmakers hardly make any films for the children and ultimately they are sidelined. ” It’s sad that we Indian filmmakers hardly make any film that is solely for children. I hope my film sets the ball rolling.”
Directed and writteb by Amol Gupte, “Sniff” stars Khushmeet Gill in lead role

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