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Anu Malik finds solace in his imperfections

With the trio uniting again for the singing reality show Indian Idol after 12 years, there are a lot of talks in the Television industry about the same. On the occasion of press conference of the show, Cinespeaks gets a chance to interact with Anu Malik. Read on to know more about the show and his future projects..

You are doing ‘Begum jaan’, will you like to throw some light on it?
Vishesh films signed me, but the movie was not given to me only by Vishesh films, the producers were given a choice of certain composers. Shirish Ji said wanted to work with the composer who made ‘Aisa lagta hai’ song from Refugee, when he realized it was me, he said only I will do the whole movie and not just one song.

Who are the singers you have used in Begum jaan?
I have taken Rahat, Sonu, Shreya, Kalpana Patwari, Kavita Seth and even Asha Bhosle. Asha Ji said to me ‘you have given a new lease of life Anu’ and I was moved to tears. I took Rahat to represent that side of the line and who better to compete him than Sonu in order to represent India..

You and Farah have been perennially arguing on Indian Idol, how much of it is real?
Nothing what you see on Indian Idol is staged. There is no telly prompter and there will not be any because I don’t want to be perfect on the screen just for the sake of it. In fact a very famous singer told me that ‘I like you because you are imperfect’, and I feel that is by far the best compliment I have ever received. None of us, Sonu, Farah or I had a telly prompter, if we fight that is for real and if we make up after, even that is for real.

Your nephew Armaan and Amaal are doing very well in the music industry, could you tell us something about them?
I am very happy for them, and I wish them all the luck. In fact Sonu once told me that my family has the legacy to take music forward in the Industry, and I feel touched by his compliment.

Talking about Indian Idol, you chose an already established singer in the final 14, don’t you think you could have selected someone who needed the platform more?
It is just not a platform but a relation which connects India. The singer is from south and the very fact that he can’t speak Hindi at all, but he is singing and performing on Hindi songs made an impression on us. We chose all the singing talents that needed this platform but not all can make it till the last stage, that is how the show works.

Which is your favorite song among your compositions?
I really like ‘Moh Moh ke Dhaage’ form Dum Laga Ke Haisha. The fact that Monali did not win the reality show but she won National Award for the song makes me proud.

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