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Anupam Kher all praises for Tota Roy Chowdhary

Anupam Kher who watched Indu Sarkar lately is all praises for the male lead actor Tota Roy Chowdhary. The Bengali actor played Naveen Sarkar , husband of Indu in the film. Though the film was lately in news for its controversial storyline which has the backdrop of emergency, it was certainly appreciated for its looks and the background. Also the actor congratulated the director for his story telling skills. He tweeted saying,” He tweeted: “Congrats Madhur Bhandarkar for your courage and craft as a film maker. Success of the (film) will be because here you are a great story teller,”. Madhur Bhandarkar is one filmmakers who takes the bulls by his horns and doesn’t shy away from taking up a bold topic and with “Indu Sarkar” he has once again proved his mettle as a filmmaker.

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