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Arjun Kapoor: I’m the luckiest person to get two wonderful girls in my life who allowed me to call them ‘SISTERS!’!!

Bollywood Industry has marked several beautiful family stories in the past. Be it the sweet family of Shah Rukh Khan or the huge family of the Kappors. Bollywood has several stories to narrate where these beautiful families have shown their love for each other. In the recent past, Bollywood has suffered the huge loss, with the death of the first ever female superstar of the Industry, Shridevi. Her loss shook the entire industry and brought tears in everybody’s eyes. But every situation gives rise to both, good as well as bad. After Shridevi, the not so close siblings, Janhvi Kapoor, Khushi Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor came close to each other. We’ve seen several tweets where the protective brother supports her sister during the time of her debut.

But now we’re here to give the official statement by Arjun Kapoor where he expresses his feelings after he suffered the greatest loss in his life. And also reveals the equation between him and his sisters.
During an interactive session for the upcoming film, Namaste England, we asked Arjun about his views regarding Janhvi and Khushi. With the emotional face, and tears about to roll over, Arjun says…

“What has happened to me and my family I wish that shouldn’t happen to anyone else. I’ve been through the most difficult phrase of my life where my backbone was injured and devastated completely. I’ve experienced the heart-break and I’m still picking up the pieces every morning when I wake up. I literally renovated entire house, I miss my mother so much that every time I think of her my body get warm and tears roll over my cheeks. My mother just expected me to be the good son, a good human being. After her, I asked my sister, my relatives that whether I’m the one she wanted me to be. They all supported me and in return I’m supporting them. Now when we all have move ahead in life, I realize that this is not the rest of our life. I’m fortunate enough that this scenario has brought us together. Not only the four of us but the entire family. But in that adversity, we realized that how short life is and we should fill it will all the love and memorable moments of joy. My priorities have changed in life, I consider myself to be very lucky to admit that I’ve two most wonderful girls, My sisters who’ve allowed me to call sisters. They’re very nice and kind to everybody. Yet young and immature but with the passing time they’ll get better and mature enough. They’ve their eyes and ears to express, I just want to be their support system because I needed it when it happened to me. It wasn’t easy for me to explain it to anybody. I didn’t choose the wrong path, all I choose was my work. I want our equations to get better with each passing second, with each passing minute of my life. At that time, I preferred to work, after Gunday, I had 6 films back to back, but that wasn’t the solution of my problem. I wish to spend more and more time with them! Now when Karan Johar has invited both of us together on his show, maybe he wanted us to look upon each other in the workplace. When the trailer of Dhadak was launched, I was shooting for Namaste England. I’m far from Mumbai most of the time. Now, hopefully I’d be able to discover a new side of me along with Janhvi. We usually sit together, discuss our lives but this is the first time that we will be coming together in a workplace so I’m genuinely excited about it”

Isn’t that sounds sweet? Well that just gave us goosebumps. We hope that the three of them achieve huge success in their lives and that the equation between them gets sweet as honey with each passing day.

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