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Arjun Kapoor on Half Girlfriend: ‘I’m the quintessential Chetan Bhagat hero’

Actor Arjun Kapoor starrer ‘Half Girlfriend’ is set to release in over 2,500 screens in India next month. Also featuring Shraddha Kapoor, ‘Half Girlfriend’ produced by Balaji Motion Pictures, Mohit Suri and Chetan Bhagat, is set to release on May 19. The film is distributed by Balaji and NZ Studios.  Here is our latest interview with the actor, where he talks about his upcoming film, ‘Half Girlfriend.’


1. What is the meaning of the Half Girlfriend relation?

Half Girlfriend is not frivolous and not about being friends with benefits! Its a plethora of emotions which can’t be given a just one name! I am not being all philosophical here but I don’t want to make my fans feel that Half Girlfriend just sounds cool jabki there is much more deeper meaning to it

2. Have you ever had a Half Girlfriend or have felt something like this in your own life?

There was a female friend in my life who used to message me daily, meet me everyday whether alone or in groups, but I wanted her to feel comfortable around me before I made my move. So, for her birthday I went all decked up so that I can express what’s inside me and was a bit nervous! She surprised me totally when she came with a guy and asked me have you met my boyfriend yet?

3. Have you read the novel ‘Half Girlfriend’?

I haven’t read both 2 states and Half Girlfriend because my director didn’t primarily want me to read the books and draw inspiration for the characters from it. I had my own script which was given to me.

4. Do you like the novels Chetan Bhagat writes?

If you would have ever noticed, education and relationships are the main two foundations in all his books and he merges them beautifully! Whether it be romance or friendship, Chetan’s novels show a slice of life experience to it. One can relate with his conflicts in his books and that is his strength and USP.

5. What has been Mohit Suri’s input as a director in Half Girlfriend according to you?

Because of Mohit Suri, there is an emotional gravitas added in the movie which was his own vision and that’s the biggest dynamic of the movie. I feel he has given a unique flavor to the movie and only he can do it.

6. Tell us something about Madhav, the character you play in Half Girlfriend?

The deepest love I have showcased onscreen has to be my role in Half Girlfriend and undoubtedly the most angsty role till now. Madhav is one of the purest characters I’ve played.

7. Bahubali 2 has been revolutionary in terms of the business it is doing at the BO. Your take on it?

Bahubali 2 is a revolutionary picture defying the barrier of languages and we should welcome it and be happy about it! Not everyone has a vision like Rajamouli. We are catering to three four different kinds of mindsets in Bollywood. Bahubali 2 teaches us that this is a movie for the whole nation!

8. You started with Ishazaade, Gunday and Auranzeb in which all your characters had gray shades and were kind of evil yet innocent. You were started to be conceived as a bad guy then. What has changed till now as per you?

I just do not do movies to break my image. You will always have an image but you will keep breaking it eventually with different movies coming and that comes with doing work for a long time! Earlier in my career, my first three movies made me look like a guy who doesn’t take a bath (laughs) and is always ready to take a fight! Abb toh main hamesha muskuraata bhi rehta hun.

I always say this: nothing can prepare you for this profession. You can have certain things in place but the response to success and failure is unique and an individual reaction. The foundation is there, of course. You have seen your family members go through stuff and you understand the implications. You understand how they have risen above it and you appreciate that you have to keep going.

But when it happens to you, it does take a toll and you do question many things. You introspect. You have days when you don’t want to work anymore. There are days when you want to answer back to all your critics, including those from within the industry. Dealing with failure is a very internal thing. It does bother me but the important thing to remember is that failure will teach you more than success can.

9. Tell us something about Mubarakan. Was it difficult playing a double role?

I have already played a double role in Aurangzeb earlier in my career but the two guys had just one scene together. Here, in Mubarakan, it was more difficult as the two guys are brothers and they live together under one roof. So if Karanveer is in the frame, Charanveer is right next to him. And it was a wonderful experience. It’s the first time when the two characters who are in a double role are in one frame throughout the film.

Do you ever feel self-doubt?

I am very confident of my abilities, I know what I bring to the table but I don’t live in a bubble where I feel I am the best. I know I am evolving and learning.

So do you have a public ‘game face’?

I will never let how I am feeling come in the way of how I conduct myself. How I deal with it in my home, in my bedroom, that’s for me to know. But it will not interfere in the way I approach work, people and life. You learn. And the point is you are not invincible. Most actors go through more failures than successes. Handling success is not everybody’s cup of tea, but handling failure is what defines your stardom eventually. What makes a difference is your starting point.HalfGirlfriendmovieposter

We wish the actor all the very best for Half Girlfriend and hope that he delivers yet another successful venture.

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