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Arjun Rampal Speaks for Roy


Q- Would you call Roy a new genre for you?
A- I don’t know what to say when people ask what genre it is. It is an every emotional film which is full of thrills and suspense. I and Jacqueline play filmmakers in the movie and Ranbir is a thief. Its a story that revolves around these characters and has many flavours in it.

Q- It is being said that Roy is a detective movie. What is your take on it?
A- I would’t call it a detective movie. It is based on human emotions. There is a romantic track, a suspense and a mystery track, then there is action and a lot more. So basically you can’t put Roy in a particluar genre of kind of movie.

Q- Tell a bit about the storyline and your character in the movie?
A- I play a film director in the film named Kabir. He has a very successful franchise of films going on named Guns. He has made Guns and Guns 2 and now he is looking forward to make the third part. He goes in search of the story and that is when he meets Jacqueline and he falls for her. All was going good until Roy that is Ranbir enter their lives and a big turn of events takes place. The film is about how these characters deal with the situations and bring everything back to normal.

Q- You had a quiet 2014 with no releases. So have you become selective with films you choose to do?
A- I have always been like this. My 2012 was also quiet and then in 2013 I had four back to back releases. So that really tires you as an actor. I didn’t even get even a single break in between the shoots of these films. So I needed a break. Also, I know my next film would be Roy and it was still in the scripting stage. So I had to wait till everything was prepared.

Q- How is your character in this film different from every other character of yours?
A- Not only the character but the film is also completely different. I think that it is first of its kind. A film like this hasn’t been attempted or even thought of before. It was very brave of our director Vikram to take this as his first film. He came to me with the idea about 3 and a half years ago and it took him this much time to fully develop it. I am really looking forward to this one.

Q- What do think is the best part of the movie?
A- The best part of the movie is that it tell you that everybody is gonna face problems in their lives and it is all because of the choices that you have made. And the only person who can get rid of all the problems is you. You don’t have to run after others to get your problems resolved.

Q- How was the experience of working with Ranbir as he is younger than you both in age and experience?
A- When it comes to Ranbir, age and experience doesn’t matter. He is a phenominal actor and a very cool person. Tha main thing is the approach that you have towards your work and his is right there. He is a very smart and a hard working actor and no one has ever seen Ranbir like they will see him in Roy. He has done an outstanding job as Roy and the audiences are going to have a great experience watching him.

Q- There are specualtions that Ranbir is having an extended cameo in the film. To what extent this is true?
A- It is not true to any extent. I don’t know from where these speculations are coming up. Ranbir is there in the film throughout. The name of the movie is on his character’s name that is Roy so how can you expect him to have a cameo. He is totally there in the film and has done a phenominal job which I think only he could have done.

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