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Arshi Khan Exclusive: Hina Khan is the vamp of the show.

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Arshi Khan has been evicted from the reality show after her 11 weeks of survival. The eviction of Arshi has come as a sudden shock to everyone and Arshi herself. In an exclusive interaction with Cinespeaks, Arshi Khan speaks her heart out on the Bigg Boss journey.

On her shocking eviction, Arshi said, “I am really surprised at my eviction. I never thought that my eviction would happen in such a way. I was very much confident that I would at least be among the top 4. I think somewhere something is wrong which has resulted in my eviction. I am feeling ashamed to get evicted before Priyank, Puneesh and Luv.”

On her relationship with Shilpa Shinde, Arshi said, “Shilpa always wanted to dominate me. I used to always tell her that we both should play together. However, she never accepted that. At one point, my close association with Hina Khan didn’t go down well with her. She has said a lot of negative things about me behind my back. Both Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde are playing the game extremely cleverly.”

On Priyank Sharma’s closeness with Vikas, Arshi said, “Hina Khan is the vamp of the show. She has betrayed Priyank on several occasions and also during the tasks. She even betrayed him during the selection of the Captain. On the other hand, Vikas Gupta was quite supportive of Priyank and had helped him several times. So, Priyank is now close to Vikas.”

When we questioned her views on host Salman Khan, Arshi said, “Salman was amazing on the show. At one point, I felt he was biased towards Shilpa and favoured her. Otherwise, he was never biased and was an amazing host.”

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