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Balraj travels to Japan for a solo trip

Balraj is not only known for his comic timings and funny one liners but is also known as an adventure freak and this time the comedian has gone for a solo trip to Japan. After back to back shoots and shows, Balraj has finally managed to remove some ‘me time’ to explore new places.

Being an avid Traveller, Balraj has always wanted to explore new places and learn about their culture. This time he decided to go on a vacation to Japan. Commenting on the same, Balraj says “The reason behind going to Japan is that I have heard a lot about the country. Their culture and their technology is just mindblowing. Japan is known as one of the most peaceful places in the world. Also, it happens to be the best time to visit Japan as the climate there is pleasant and I am looking forward to explore more things in term of technology here.”

Commenting on why he opted for a solo trip this time, Balraj says “When you are on a solo trip you can do everything on your own terms and you don’t have to be dependent on anyone. Also I wanted some ‘me time’ as last few months were extremely hectic, and I was planning this since a long time and finally I am glad everything has fallen into place in a great way, and I am having a great time here.

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