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“Bandagi is physically attracted with Puneesh”-Dennis Nagpal Spoke Exclusively with Cinespeaks

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Where do you stay?

“I mostly stay in Delhi but ten days in a month you will see me in Mumbai, I make television shows and all I have got a company here.”

Are you still in a relationship with Bandagi?

“I have called it off after she started doing stuff that’s when I decided to break up.”

She has said that you used to tell her to go with this guy and all. what u have to say about that?

“That’s not true at all, why would I say that I had plans for marrying her.”

How was she before going to BiggBoss?

“Well, this sign of her has come like a shock to me because from last couple months she had been a reserved girl. Even her friends are also saying that within this period of time how much she has changed. Salman sir has also warned her that you know that cameras are everywhere then also you are saying all these kinds of stuff.”

Have you heard anything about monish that how is he?

“Puneesh I don’t know much about him I just know that the parties a lot that’s it. I met him in 2011 I auditioned him for a show.”

How do you know Puneesh?

“Once in my birthday, he had come down to Delhi to meet me. there I introduced Bandagi to Monish and it was just an introduction so I’m sure that this wasn’t there at that time.”

Do you think that they are doing all these for the camera or they are in love?

“They are not doing it for the camera for sure I think they are just physically attracted. And monish is a married guy 34 years old whereas she is just 24.”

Is monish married ? does he have kids?

“He is married but he is getting a divorce. I don’t know whether he has kids or not.”

Don’t you think that Vantika must be having this thought that how will you react when she will come out of the house?

“I was thinking about this only and our relationship was really good there were no fights at all, She had shared her FB and Instagram password with me.She even did a video call to me before entering the house, we went to Goa also. She even took a Tshirt of mine that she said she will wear in the house.”


She belongs to such a good background then why do you think she is doing this?

“People coming from the big town with big dream end up doing such stuff unknowing. But she is an educated girl why would she do such stuff. I think when she will come out she will get a lot of offers but still let see how the industry takes her. And what Monish has started with her like holding her hand and all if she wants then she could have stopped that.”

This has come in the news that her father is hospitalized. Is that true?

“How far I know ya he had been hospitalized but her family will not agree. Her dad has some blood pressure issues.”

Did u meet her family?

“No, I haven’t met her mind I just spoke with her brother once. and this thing was in my mind of getting married, She has met my family and she has told her family about me.

We have heard that her landlord has kicked her out and won’t let her stay there.

“ya her society members have told her friends that when she will come back she has to take her stuff and move out of the society. She has made her life very tough.”

Are you willing to meet her at the Bigg Boss house?
No, not yet.

Will you go if you happen to get a chance?

“Well, I can confront her when she will get out of the house but I won’t do that. If I come then I’ll come back to return her stuff that she has given to me. She said that she isn’t an actor whereas she has done an acting class from Anupam Kher institute.”


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