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BANK CHOR : A juxtaposition of comedy and thrill that may not be enjoyed by many.


Director – Bumpy
Cast – Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Vikram Thapa, Bhuvan Arora, Sahil Vaid, Madhu Limaye
Genre – Comedy, Thriller
Reviewed By – Paridhi Tripathi


When the combination of Riteish and Vivek Oberoi comes in, audience prepare themselves for a hardcore comedy which is more or less meant for adults. The title of this particular movie rhymes which a famous Delhi slang (ahem) and hints at being a superficial comedy. As the trailer indicates, one goes in the theatre to watch a comedy movie and comes out thrilled.

The plot begins with Champak (Riteish Deshmukh) is an amateur thief Genda and Gulab ( from Mumbai and teams up with two Delhite thieves who are equally inexperienced to loot a bank in south Bombay. As they attempt their robbery, the customers realize their failed skills and in no time the ‘3 idiots’ make a fool of themselves. You are almost convinced that the failed robbery will lead them in jail but voila, a twisted plot moves the story forward and the audiences are at the edges of their seat and you wonder, who really is the chor?


While the movie suggests at being a comedy, as the plot unfolds, you realize it has layers peeled out with the essence of comic nature. Full marks to the writers of the movie Baljeet Singh Marwah, Bumpy Omkar Sane and Ishita Moitra Udhwani for the nail biting scenes juxtaposed with comedy.

Talking about performances, Riteish comes off as a comical character that appears clueless about his own deeds. His Marathi based dialogues makes him a real amateur bank chor.
Journalist turned actor Vikram Thapa makes for a good Bollywood debutant. His knack at being a Delhite and adjusting himself with the mumbaiya fellow is what brought chuckles. Bhuvan Arora and Vikram Thapa play Champa’s perfect aides Genda and Gulab and their comedy is what bring humor elements.


Vivek played a decent cop as CBI chief Amjad Khan minus his obvious dialogue bazi.

What stands out in Bank Chor is the illusion that the director puts you in while you watch the movie and then comes the suspense totally blowing us away with what really happened. The thriller entangled with good acting and smooth comedy is a plus point for the makers.

The direction of the movie is a good attempt at mingling comedy with thriller. While some adults may not like the movie due to its overly enthusiast comedy, others may fully love it. The movie will definitely be a good watch for kids and for those who like comedies without any adultery remarks.

Considering no big release this week, the movie will be enjoyed if you want to watch it with families. It is a light entertainment based on suspense.


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