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Be happy, content: Ami doles out spiritual advice this Diwali

Spiritual healer Ami modi has some amazing insights for us this festive season. She says that it’s important to be happy and cheerful so that we mirror the same atmosphere around us. “You always attract the energy you want. If you keep your surroundings clean, vibrant and happy, no negativity can enter you or your homes. The important thing is to stay positive and keep the surroundings positive and vibrant,” she says.

Ami Modi says that the heart is the most significant. “Your heart is the most innocent and pure, you should always follow your hearts first instinct. It has immense intuitive capabilities – when you overrule what your heart says, you’ll always end up regretting it.. always listen to your heart,” she says.

Diwali is a very significant time, she says. “Diwali Pooja is your yearly recharge – your protection, your business, you and your family’s well-being. This is the one time of the year when we as a family pray together for an entire years happiness. Diwali is by far my most favourite festival,” she adds.

She adds, “I wish everyone a super Diwali, prosperity and my request is that each individual should be grateful for whatever they have; family, friends, home and work as the life that they’re living is probably a dream for many unprivileged people. So be thankful and enjoy this festival to the fullest! Happy Diwali!!”

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