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Bigg Boss 11 synopsis | Bigg Boss has a Bigg Heart.

It’s been a while since the gharwale received any luxury budget. And while they think that this week they have lost the opportunity again, Bigg Boss reveals he has a Bigg Heart and grants them the budget anyway. Though the contestants were not able to successfully close the task, Bigg Boss appreciates Vikas and Hina’s efforts as lawyers in the task.

Vikas and Hina together add 800 points to the luxury budget; while 500 points is deducted from the luxury budget as Akash Dadlani could not help taking naps during the day. Akash wasn’t guilty for a second whereas all the contestants were upset about their hard earned points getting deducted. Hina proves her point that she was eligible to be among the 5 contenders who fought for captaincy. Later Hiten and Vikas both apologize to her as they did not vote for her as a contender for captaincy.

Sapna is triggered later in the day, as there is no end to people talking about her profession in the Bigg Boss house. Sapna first gets into an intense argument for encouraging such gossip, then she goes on to lash out at Puneesh and Bandagi for spreading unwarranted news about her profession. Shilpa advises Sapna that she herself is spoiling her name by bringing up the same issue repeatedly. Sapna calls Puneesh and Bandagi characterless for dating each other on national television, while spoiling other people’s hard earned image.

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