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Bigg Boss 11’s Mehjabi’s brother’s Music Video To Feature Her & Her Husband

Remember Mehjabi Siddique who entered the ‘Bigg Boss’ house as a commoner? Post the reality show, she made headlines for her unbelievable transformation and we’ve finally figured the reason behind it.

Her brother Wasim Sheikh has created a super peppy music video called ‘Woofer Woofer’ which shall be out soon which will feature Mehjabi herself alongside her husband Azim Sheikh. This husband and wife pair will be seen grooving alongside entertainer Wasim in this foot tapping dance number. Interestingly, the trio calls themselves ‘Sheikh Star’. How cool is that?

While Wasim Sheikh may come across this Uber cool rapper, he’s much more than that. This versatile talent is a classical singer, lyricist and a composer as well. Not many people know but his sister Mehjabi too is a singer who has sung before for a TV channel Zee Salam.

This is real reason behind Mehjabi’s complete transformation where she looks breathtakingly beautiful.

Check out the exclusive stills and a segment from the music video:

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