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Bigg Boss nominations get a new twist

· This week, Bigg Boss nominations will have a new twist that will leave the contestants baffled and confused

· The housemates are divided into pairs- Swami Om- Bani, Mona- Manu, Lopa- Nitibha. Rohan and Manveer are not a part of this process since Rohan is nominated for the entire season and Manveer is the captain of the house

· Bigg Boss calls the pairs inside the confession room and asks them to mutually one person out of them

· Since the contestants have to mutually decide, conflict arises and the housemates get into an argument

· Apart from Mona and Manu, no other pair is able to decide whom to nominate

· What repercussions will the housemates face for not being able to reach a decision?

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