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Birthday Special! Happy Birthday Madhuri Dixit!

May 15 | Tuesday | Mumbai
By: Naveen Kandlapalli
The writer tweets as: @sunsetsafari

No matter how old you are or whether you are a big fan of Hindi Cinema or not, there wouldn’t be anyone in the room who hasn’t heard the name – Madhuri Dixit! Yeah…That’s Madhuri Dixit – The Goddess of Indian Dance

As she turns a year older today on May 15, let us revisit yesteryears when Madhuri was the reigning queen of Hindi Cinema

She started off with Rajshri Productions ‘Abodh’ in 1984 and then there was no looking back. Her few films post debut tanked miserably at the Box-Office despite she being the best thing even in the most awful films. Her first taste of success came in with the blockbuster ‘Tezaab’ and Madhuri became an overnight star as the ‘Ek Do Teen’ girl.


Her performances in 1990’s established her as a commercially viable star with filmmakers queuing up to sign her. Her popularity skyrocketed immensely as she went on to work in a whopping 12 films in a single year. That’s when Madhuri hopped from one set to the other round the clock – come hell or high water! She was so full of film projects that Madhuri began to work tirelessly in 3 shifts a day (07-12, 12-19, 19-12 hrs). And this is when Madhuri gave Hindi Cinema some of the famous and cult songs. As a matter of fact, the sensuous song from the 1992 hit film ‘Beta’‘Dhak Dhak Karne Laga’ was shot in the last shift which remains ingrained in our memory even today.

Its an inherent demand to always be dolled up which is expected out of a quintessential Hindi film heroine. But, vanity vans were an unfulfilled wish in those years as it was the period of ambassador cars. Madhuri’s beauty and grace has no boundaries of definition. It is undefinable – the more said, the little. Her Adayein and poise is unparallelled and undisputable. Her films were roaring Box-Office successes which gave her contemporaries a run for their money.


Even in the context of fierce competitive environment and rivalry, Madhuri maintained her larger than life persona grounded and with dignity. Quoting one of her statements, Madhuri said, “I don’t have to make someone else look bad to look good.”

The towering super stardom she enjoyed is unmatched. Her charismatic dance numbers and on-screen magical performances is entrenched and deep rooted in memories even in the era of remixes and remaking. Her expressive eyes and grace still make an impression.

And that inimitable smile, makes several hearts go Dhak Dhak…

Cinespeaks wishes the iconic Madhuri Dixit a very Happy Birthday with lots of love and light.


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