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Box Office Collection : Rangoon fails to gear up

Vishal Bhadwaj’s much awaited Rangoon hit the theatres last Friday and much to everybody’s dismay, the movie has failed to impress the audience, therefore putting the Box Office count limited.

The film opened to low numbers on the first day but expected a height for the following weekend. However, the movie earned 14.31 Crs on the opening weekend, its Sunday collection limiting to 4.5 Crs only.

Although the performances has been appreciated in the movie, the film in total has not been able to make a mark like Bhadwaj’s previous pictures. The story revolves around the characters of Rusi, Julia and Nawab Malik; showcasing World War II with its classic taste of romance, the film has failed to hit the right chords.

With the movie getting mixed reviews, we wonder if a word of mouth would do any better to the collections.

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