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Arshi Khan will decide the fate of the Gharwalas

Hina and Priyank performing the luxury budget task

It’s been a nerve wrecking weekend for Akash and Shilpa, who have both managed to survive the eviction. Treating this as a second chance, Akash makes the most of this opportunity by playing the game smartly. Monday blues seem to hit the contestants quite hard today, as it’s time for …

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Bigg Boss 11 Synopsis – Baby’s Day Out

Priyank and Luv on Bigg Boss

Babies, they say, are a blessing. But does that hold true within the walls of Bigg Boss 11 House? Today, the gharwale find themselves in the race for Captaincy, but only to realize that their fate lies in the hands of someone else! Hiten reads out the details of the …

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Bigg Boss 11 Synopsis – DJ War in Bigg Boss 11

Vikas in Bigg Boss 11

Following the Bigg Boss tradition, it’s time for the new captain to take over the house. Gharwale rejoice this week’s captaincy task as they select their contender through the expression of music and dance. The healing power of music certainly lightens the tension among the inmates of the house. Post …

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Bigg Boss 11 Synopsis – Day – 43 | Pay Back Time!

Hiten lashes out at Luv in Bigg Boss

The tables have turned in Bigg Boss and roles have been interchanged in the second day of the luxury budget task. Today, Puneesh, Bandagi, Hiten and Shilpa become little dwarfs and are tasked with torturing the giants Hina, Luv, Akash and Arshi. Love birds Puneesh and Bandagi are all set …

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