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#CHECKOUT – Taapsee Pannu complains to Vodafone on Twitter, accuses them of cheating customers!

Taapsee Pannu has time and again been a personality who has never been shy to express herself. While some actresses hold themselves back facing contemplations regarding their public image and pr issues, actresses like her and Sonakshi Sinha have always been vocal about the wrongs fearing none of disappointment.

While Taapsee has ridiculed trolls her way like a pro, this time she decided to write the issues she has been facing from Vodafone in her Twitter. Knowing the patient lady Taapsee is, it must have been something that has been bothering her for a long time due to which she finally decided to come out open and accuse of branded cellular network company like Vodafone of cheating their customers..

In order to express her anger and anguish, she tweeted –

High time @VodafoneIN either shuts for good or stops cheating us with inflated bills for extremely poor signals and connectivity at all places all times. I wonder how badly they trick every customer coz of our helpless dependency on phones.

Yes you saw that right.. She has openly accused Vodafone of giving out inflated bills to it’s customers..

Vodafone was quick to reply to Taapsee’s concern and they replied –

Hi Taapsee! This is indeed very concerning to hear! Our team will get in touch with you at the earliest. – Abhi

We wonder what Vodafone will actually do to address Taapsee’s concern to do a bit of damage control? An eye opener surely for the common citizens of the country.


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