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Chetan Bhagat responds to Ira Trivedi’s accusations, claims he is instead the victim!

Ira Trivedi took the world to storm when she came up with accusations of sexual harassment against people like Chetan Bhagat and Suhel Seth.

In her column, she penned down her #metoo story and shared how sexual harassment goes in the literary world as well and how she has been subjected to that by two people primarily, Chetan Bhagat and Suhel Seth.

Trivedi initiates by explaining why she’s felt the need to speak up about these experiences, and these men.

Trivedi’s writing-

I have been debating against men (and women) who believe that the #MeToo movement is just about defaming men; who believe that women use it to catapult themselves into the limelight; who just want to live out their personal vendettas. I have tried my best to make the point that the #MeToo movement isn’t about sending men to jail or naming-and-shaming or piling on the allegations. It is about shattering the assumptions that underpin the perceived — and severely skewed — power dynamic between men and women in India. It is about understanding the basic fact that there are bounds around each woman’s personal space that cannot be invaded without permission, that are not – and cannot — be defined by men. It is about creating better and safer working and living conditions for women. Ultimately it is a way for women to tell their stories and by doing so, to educate others. Every woman’s story is important and a lens into how pervasive the issue is.’

Not just that, Trivedi had also explained why she continued to be in touch with Suhel Seth and Chetan Bhagat after such incidents. She said,

The truth is that both these men were and remain powerful, important and influential, particularly in the world that I inhabit,” she writes. She says she continued to associate with them socially “fearful of burning that bridge, scared of saying something that would turn them against me, afraid that if I were to speak up, no one would care to listen. As a writer, who began her career at the age of 19, I thought that this was the cabal that I was a part of and occasionally bearing their discomfiting behaviour was the price that I had to pay for their acquaintance.”

“Over the past few days, I have thought deeply about why men like Chetan Bhagat or Suhel Seth behave in the inappropriate way that they do,” Trivedi adds. “Is it to gain validation? Or is it simply because they feel that they can just get away with it all?”

But now Bhagat has lashed back at Ira claiming that all these charges are not just false but it was him who faced such inappropriate things from Ira and not the other way round. Bhagat not just showed his anger on Twitter for being apparently framed the wrong way but also exposed how people like Ira Trivedi are the real people in power with political connections and hence back in 2010 when he wasn’t that well known, he would be intimidated by her.

Chetan even went forward to share an email he had apparently received from Ira which had texts like ‘Miss you, Kiss you’ which should prove who the real culprit is..

While these cases and allegations and counter allegations keep popping up like springs, we wonder whether it takes away something from #metoomovement which impacts its growth…

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