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Cinespeaks chats with Samir Soni and Sanjay Suri for ‘My Birthday Song’

It is very rare that we witness psychological thrillers being made in Bollywood. But one with an international appeal is all set to make its way to the box office this Friday, ‘My Birthday Song’ directed by actor turned director Samir Soni starring Sanjay Suri as the protagonist is ready to thrill its audiences. We sat down with both the producers Samir & Sanjay to discuss their film in detail. Let’s see what they had to say:

Director and writer Samir Soni on this weekend witnessing an array of thrillers films at the box office, “I’m very confident about my psychological thriller when compared to the other thrillers releasing this weekend. I hope we’ve made a film with international standards. We are very confident as a team & wish the other films good luck.”

“Our film is not a typical mystery one where you go find who is the killer. It’s a psychological thriller in every true sense,” adds actor and producer Sanjay Suri on what makes them a different thriller.

On the process of writing and directing the film Samir Soni said, “The experience of directing ‘My Birthday Song’ was one of the most cherishable ones for me. It was creatively satisfying because as a director and producer I was involved with every department of the film. As an actor your department is limited to acting and there too you only get to execute the director’s vision. Here the script was mine and I love working with actors, it was great seeming them execute my idea. I even enjoyed the editing process and doing the music.”

On the very unique title for the film producer Sanjay Suri said, “We were convinced that title of the film was quite apt but it’s become quite the point of discussion which is unexpected. But yes, it comes from the fact that the premise of the film is a Birthday celebration sequence.”

“Sanjay plays Rajeev Paul whose past, present and future changes after his 40th birthday part celebrations. The idea came from the Hollywood film’s title ‘Requiem for a Dream’ where the word requiem means a prayer song or hymn sung at a funeral. This word stuck in my mind and I thought of inculcating its relevance onto the title of my film. So the central thought for the title was a birthday celebrations paired with a funeral song, the juggle between birth and death”, specified Samir on how the idea of the title came about.

On Sanjay’s character, director Samir said, “More than a character I had a vision while drafting the story. I could crystallize Sanjay as my character as the story shaped up as I am aware of his subtlety for his acting.”

Detailing his character, Sanjay said, “I play a self made ad film maker married with two kids and based in Delhi, NCR. It’s the 40th birthday celebration of my character. The film deals with thoughts of extra marital affair and how this man meets a stranger which deals to an incident which is the starting point of the thriller. The brief on this film by Samir was if your nightmare turns real the next day, would you be able to stop it or not! It’s about playing with the perception.”

On choosing Miss India Australia Zenia Starr, Samir said, “Sanjay’s wife Ambika is the casting director of the film who was on a hunt for a fresh face for the wife’s role. I was in office when Zenia was being auditioned & I could notice a spark and honesty in her performance. That’s when I decided to put her acting skills to test and read a few lines with her and I found the soul of my character in her.”

Showering Rosie’s for the debutant director Samir, Sanjay said, “Samir may not physically be in the film but every frame of the film belongs to Samir. Samir has not assisted anyone but his narration was very visual and it was easier for us to understand every scene as the edits too were clear in his mind. Samir hates wanting to guide his actors on how to act, he just used to observe us and correct when required.”

“We have various marketing strategies in place where the focus has been digital and social media platforms specially for the music, although the process truly starts when you think of the film itself and come up with a title. We are keeping things to the point with just one poster that captures the theme of the film and trailer that gives the audience a scoop on what they can exactly expect”, he added confirming their marketing quips as producers.

My Birthday Song is scheduled to release on January 19.

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