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CONFESSION: Saqib Saleem Left His Father’s Business For A Girl!

This cutie of B-town and a Yashraj talent has come a long way in Bollywood! Right now, Saqib Saleem is all set for his upcoming release Dobaara with his sister Huma Qureshi. So, we got a chance to have a little chit-chat with them while they were promoting the film.

We already told you about Saqib’s funny encounter wit Shanoo Sharma when he showed her a bit of negative attitude and it got backfired. In a prequel to that story he shared his whole journey with us like how he made it to the industry.

We asked him that what was his motivation of stepping into Bollywood and being a Delhi guy; what made him come to this city? Going down the memory lane; he shared with us his whole journey.

So, Saqib shared “I was a state-level cricket player (that’s how he got the role in Dhishoom) and my family owns a chain restaurant called Saleem’s in Delhi. And my routine was like, cricket in morning then college, then again cricket and in the evening I used to work in my dad’s restaurant as a head supervisor where I had the job of taking care of the presentation of the cuisines and their taste and stuff like that.”

“So, I gained about 12 kilos in a month just because of eating so much of my restaurant’s food.” He continued. “So, I decided to quit my father’s restaurant and in the meanwhile I had a girlfriend in college who wanted to become an actress and she came to Mumbai to be in this industry. Then she wanted to break-up with me over a phone call as the relationship was long-distance and she didn’t want that.”

“Then I was so much in love with her that I said, I cannot let this happen; tell me what you want and I’ll do that.” He shared. “She asked me to come to Bombay and I instantly agreed with her. At that very moment, I quit my father’s job and everything I was doing in Delhi and took the next flight to Mumbai.”

“After 3 months the girl ditched me and my family was also not supporting me.” He continued. “But, my friends always used to say that I am good-looking and all that so, I stepped into modeling and also came in top 10 models of India.”

“I even got an offer to go to Milan for Paris fashion week which is one of the biggest in the world. But, just two days before leaving for Milan I got a call from Y films that there’s a film they are making and are looking for a new face; so would you be interested.”

“So, this was a once in a lifetime offer so I grabbed it instantly. And, since then there’s no turning back.” He said.


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