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Congress opposes to ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ trailer, demands pre screening of film before release!

2019 is around the corner and it isn’t just about another new year in the reckoning.. It is the mega election time in the country.. So what is a better year than 2019 before the Lok Sabha Elections to come up with biopics on strong political figures of the country?

The very reason January is expected to keep us glued to the celluloid with two big political films coming in the month, Nawazuddin Siddique and Amrita Rao’s ‘Thackeray’ which is a biopic on the Shiv Sena supremo and ‘Hindu Hridhay Samrat’, Balasaheb Thackeray and Anupam Kher’s ‘The Accidental Prime Minister ‘ , a biopic on former PM Dr Manmohan Singh.

While the former hasn’t hit any major controversy till now, the latter is already being subjected to scrutiny as one would have expected after watching the trailer of the film which is a strong message against the policies adopted by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi regarding former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Adding more fire to the heat was when BJP’s official Twitter handle decided to promote the trailer and use it as a medium to take jibes at the Congress party before the Mega Elections. The tweet definitely adds more weight to Congress’s claim of it being a BJP propaganda. The tweet read –

Riveting tale of how a family held the country to ransom for 10 long years. Was Dr Singh just a regent who was holding on to the PM’s chair till the time heir was ready? Watch the official trailer of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister, based on an insider’s account, releasing on 11 Jan!

Now as one would expect the situation to be after all this, the situation is exactly that which is hostile..

Now as per latest buzz, the INC has gone ahead to demand a pre screening of the film before release so that if they find anything ‘objectionable ‘ and ‘detrimental’ to the party’s interest, they would ask the makers to delete those scenes and sequences and if not followed ,they will hamper the release of the film in Maharashtra and other states of the country.

While we don’t know yet the fate of the film and it’s release, the controversy surrounding it already definitely adds to the limelight which any film would want to receive before it’s release.

We have always seen ‘politics’ in ‘films’. Maybe this time the tables have indeed turned due to which we now see the use of ‘films’ in ‘politics’.


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