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“Content speaks for itself”-Sidharth Malhotra on Ittefaq’s day two response at Box office.

‘Ittefaq’ team had called out for a press conference on its day two response at the Box office,
When Sidharth was asked about the response of his film he said: “We are getting very good response from the audience that too without any pre-promotion, whoever has gone to watch the film just saw the trailer and they are giving a positive response. We didn’t have to say anything about the film the content speaks for itself. And moreover, it’s not like a regular commercial film it’s more like a story-driven film“.

When asked about the numbers Akshaye Khanna said: “Its too early to say anything about it, the film just got released let it do some more business then we will sit with the numbers, for now, the response is good”. “We had no prediction about the numbers because this isn’t a typical commercial film so we just hope people should like our work and the content“. added Siddarth Malhotra.

Speaking of the film promotional strategy you guys have come up with ‘less for more’ mantra. How is it affecting the film at the Box office?
The response that we are getting so far is positive despite the fact that we did not do any promotions before the release of our film, and I think this is what letting people watch the film“-Sidharth Malhotra.
People decide whether to watch the film or not when they see the trailer, no matter how much you do interviews or press conferences it doesn’t matter“.- Akshaye Khanna

When three producers produce a film does it work fine?
Well this time it did, sometimes things go wrong but this time was fine everything went pretty smoothly“- Akshaye Khanna

Transcribed by-
Pramit Chakraborty

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