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Contestants Kishori, Veena, and Rupali get new nicknames Ina-Vina-Dika

The game inside the Bigg Boss house just got intense with the nomination task ‘Popatacha Pinjara’. From making unexpected equations to coming up with new strategies, the contestants are doing it all. In an all-new clip from VOOT’s Unseen Undekha, we can see inmates talking about not trusting one another and playing their own game. Amidst this chaos, surprised Maithili narrates the story of Neha keeping her parrot in the cage and how the trio Kishori, Veena and Rupali along with Shiv reacted to it by laughing.

Shiv tries to clarify his stance and says, “Mi dusrya ghoshtivar hasat hoto, tine tumcha popat takla pinjryat tyachyavar nahi haslo mi.”  Further singer Vaishali mocks the trio by saying, “Tya tighincha Ina, Vina ani Dika chalu ahe” and starts singing the famous song ‘Ina-Vina-Dika’ taking a direct dig at Kishori, Veena, and Rupali.

Well,  Ina-Vina-Dika’s bond is known to everyone inside the house and we only hope that it stays that way.

Watch all this and more, exclusively on VOOT’sUnseen Undekha!

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