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Digging the past- Did Karan Johar just indirectly take a jibe at Kartik Aaryan ?

Karan Johar was recently at Anupama Chopra’s website platform and he was at his uber cool and candid best..

When the issue of payment came in, Karan Johar was blatantly honest and spoke his heart out about how its like a disease in the industry to think they deserve a certain pay but they not..

He tagged some actors as ‘delusional’ about their stardom and said that he feels surprised when certain stars ask for double money where in reality they can’t even open the film on a Friday.

Having said that he also added that he hopes young and wonderful actors like Ayushmann Khurrana, Vicky Kaushal and RajKummar Rao are smart about their pay..

He apparently blamed the celebrity management companies for misleading the actors and said some actors think they have become suddenly huge after a hit or two.. Well wait what? Was this a general statement or an indirect punch at Kartik Aryaan’s face who we heard had asked Karan Johar for too much of money for an apparent role offered by Karan? KJO obviously got disappointed hearing the actor’s demands and had eventually snubbed him..

However things were all cool later on between them.. But will this statement at Anupama Chopra’s platform create a new scene and stir which might enable Kartik to come up with an indirect response to an indirect statement?

Let’s wait and watch.

By Subhojit Ghosh

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