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Dino James is out with his new track!

Popular rapper Dino James who has amassed an enviable fan following courtesy his songs like Hancock, Aachi maza aayi, Unstoppable and Bhokali among others, is back with his latest track ‘Faltu Rapper’. The song seems to have hit the right chords with the listeners as it has garnered over 2.7 million views in just 3 days.

A source close to Dino adds that ‘Faltu Rapper’ in a lot of ways is a song that traces his struggle during the initial days. “Like most upcoming artists, at the start when Dino presented his tracks to directors and musicians in the hope to get that elusive chance, he was told that his tracks were either lengthy or it wasn’t rap music at all or there wasn’t any flow to the songs. He faced rejection from all quarters initially but instead of getting bogged down by it , Dino saw the fun side of it and made a song on himself ‘Faltu Rapper’ which has crossed 2.7 million views already” says a source.

Commenting on the track Dino adds, “Initial days were frustrating but I believed in myself, in fact I saw the funny side to all of this, I decided to make the song ‘Faltu Rapper’ based on all the feedback I’d been getting. We then worked on the video and I’m happy that the listeners could connect with the track and views are very encouraging” he signs off.

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