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Director Aparnaa Singh talks about her upcoming film Irada

Irada is an upcoming Indian eco thriller starring Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Divya Dutta, Sharad Kelkar and Sagarika Ghatge. The movie is directed by Aparnaa Singh who has acclaimed critical success with movies like Gulaal and Shaurya. Read on to find more about what she has to say about the movie and other aspects of industry.

Talking about her interest in Direction, she says she has always been into direction. Her first film was Gulaal, which got released after Shaurya. Then she worked with Anurag Kashyap in Black Friday.

She shares on how she got the concept of Irada, which was given to her by her producer Falguni Patel. She reveals that she likes content oriented cinema. Her passion and interest has been in all those films which talk about something important. “My producer told me that we have to do this subject.” It is not just about putting in money for Falguni, but she also believed in this. “This is the first film of Irada Entertainment and they have the philosophy of doing credible films.” She adds.

We asked her what drove her into direction, to which she said, “I got into the madness of Direction while shooting with Anurag. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him in Black Friday. I learnt so much from him that I put in now to my work”

She also added, “One with the write script can always be a good director. It comes handy; you are able to mold the scene then and there. Sometimes actors come up with very good suggestion. I believe in improvisations. I don’t think any amount of preparations can come close to what has been prepared.”

Commenting on her experience to work with the actors, she said, “Its a dream to work with Naseer and Arshad. All I had was script and they connected with the script. All the characters were so good. They bring their experience and their understanding of cinema. With Divya ji, I just give what has to be done and she took it to another level, same goes with Arshad and Naseer Ji.

We asked her how the industry has been with her, the director says, “I am given a lot of respect and dignity. And that is what I always believe in. for me dignity matters the most and thus I try and make dignified films”

Talking particularly about Arshad, she said, “There is a sense of who he is and you can get his shade. If you look at his performance, they are at par and in fact more. Look at Jolly, you see all his shades, be it Seher, Munnabhai. He is incredible. What he does, he does it with so much of passion and zest.”

We asked her about her experience with Naseeruddin, she instantly replied, “It was intimidating. When I was in NSD I would go and just look at him. One thing he taught me was to be fearless on sets. He is experienced, he is understanding, he knows the craft. He could be in any mood but you say action, he will change completely. That is the kind of control he has which is marvelous.”

Aparnaa believes that the audiences now look for a content based film. “Audience want to hear a story. Their ears have become sharp and sensitivity has become stronger. And that is for our good”

Irada releases on 17th Feb.

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