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EARTH DAY: Actresses Joins the modern environmental movement!

Each year, Earth Day—April 22—marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. Indian Television Actresses like Gia Manek, Mahika Sharma, Niti Taylor among other joins and stand to add life to earth.

NITI TAYLOR: Issues surrounding global warning are discussed around the world on Earth Day by activists, academics, policymakers, artists, and industry leaders. Having just one day for environmental conservation is not enough, of course, government should take initiatives for cigarettes making factories and many who are environment and river polluters. As for me I keep myself very active in not doing such activities which may harm nature.

TANYA SHARMA: I feel the way humans are getting more emotional and conscious towards anilmals the same way its high time to start loving plants/tree and should help them to decorate our earth green.

MAHIKA SHARMA: Earth is only the one region, religion, reason for us. And its high time to understand it. We stand protest for so many topics but forgetting the base. We are living till the time earth is alive so dont delay and start decorating it green.

GIA MANEK: On this earth day – spread the word! Everyone has environmental knowledge they can share with others. Just talking about the environment with people who may not think about it that much is a good way to celebrate Earth Day. Talk to your parents, friends, teachers, siblings, and anyone else you’d like about the issues you care about most.

DEVOLEENA BHATTACHARJEE: To be developed nation one should develop their land and resources. We Indians have develop (fertilize) soil and resources too. We should not damage it. I try my best not to use plastics or such products which may harm nature. Protecting wildlife and nature is really important. Let is be pure blue and green.

AMRAPALI GUPTA: The way we say killing yourselves is a crime. Similarly I feel if we disturb the nature and pollute it. It will take us to our end. We exist because the earth do. Its not only we just need to stop polluting but also stand against the one who is doing it.

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