Akshay Kumar is without any doubt one of the most bankable star in bollywood currently.After tremendous success of Kesari and Mission Mangal his third film Housefull 4 has also found commercial success. He has delivered 3 consecutive hit films in 2019 so far. To celebrate this success superstar Akshay Kumar recently interacted with media and opened up about everything related to his films. Check it out…

Q. Housefull 4 is recieving love from audience and on the other side there is a section which is calling Housefull 4 figures Fake, did it bother you?
Akshay- I am not giving anything. INOX has given its figures and they will never lie. Woh mere mamaji lagte nahi hain (They are not my relatives that they will be biased towards me).

Q. Many people are giving different figures of Housefull 4, four people are giving one figure and then 5th person giving a different figure altogether, don’t you think it is time to have authentic source?
Akshay- Fox Studios operates from LA (Los Angeles) and it is not possible for them to toy with the numbers. These figures are insignificant to them. They make films worth millions of dollars. A mere three, four or five crores don’t matter to them. They have also officially shared the figures.

Q. Does it upset you?
Akshay- Do I look upset? I am from that era where I have heard a lot of people say a lot of things. But I have never said anything. In my school, I was taught, ‘Mind your own business’.

Q. Have you noticed these tweets about Housefull 4 fake figures trend?
Akshay– It doesn’t make a difference. What will I do? You can talk to theatre owners. You will keep asking me this same question four times to get an answer. The answer is I am not writing all this. These people are writing it. I am not running anything. My point of view is very simple, whatever comes in front of the media as you react to it, I react to it. So, there is nothing new about it.

Q. Housefull 4 picked up after Diwali weekend and since monday there is no stopping, how doyou view that?
Akshay– Pre Diwali has always been a dull period for films. Usually people are busy with Diwali pooja and all so they don’t come to theatre, but after that they come out with families.

Q. Single screen and multiplex both kind of audience is enjoying the film so what do you think where is this negativity coming from?
Akshay– I think the people who have written negative they will be able to tell you. I didn’t went to their house, let them talk, let me do my work.

Q. Housefull 4 happens to be your 11th consecutive successful film, numbers speaks so loud then from where did this Hit or Flop statement came about Housefull 4?
Akshay– I don’t know.. I don’t have any barometer for that. All I know is that I already have four films in my kitty and I am yet to give my nod to three more. According to me I am doing pretty well.

Q. A trade analyst once said that Box office figures should not be declared in Public, let’s keep it to the studio, how much do you agree with that?
Akshay– How much do i agee… If corporate doesn’t put it then someone else will do. All you have to do is to call theatre owners and calculate it. So i don’t think publicising or not publicising figures will make any difference.

Q. Housefull 4 happens to be yours and Sajid’s 4th consecutive Hit film, you guys have always delivered a Hit film, so what do you have to say about this Succesful chemistry with him?
Akshay- Very good. We enjoyed it. I hope it just goes on…

Q. According to you what are those things that made Housefull franchise so successful?
Akshay– It’s Slapstick comedy. That whole thing of his wife, his wife, that wife, Aakhri Paasta, Ranjeet, Me and Riteish. I would say this is a perfect Diwali or Christmas kind of film.

Q. What about Housefull 5?
Akshay- I can’t tell you about that, only Sajid will be able to answer or Fox Star can, if they want to make it or not.

Q. We always say that Comedy is very difficult genre but why do your think it is very ignored genre when it comes to intellectual cinema amd award shows?
Akshay– I have been trying to find out that since 30 years. I have asked so many people, and still can’t find. I will try to find it out, i will meet the person who gives award (Laughs)..

Q. Housefull 4 is being loved by Kids especially your character Bala, so how encouraging is that for you?
Akshay- It’s good but i don’t take it too seriously because now i have to jump to different character. You have to jump. I did Housefull franchise after 3 years, most of the people have suggestions on social media, they ask me to do me A Slapstick comedy, or a film like Hera Pheri, or romance, or a film like Namaste London or something else so the basis idea is to keep jumping. Don’t take yourself so seriously in 1 genre only which i did mistake at the start of my career with continuous action films.

Q. Bachchan Pandey is one of your upcoming film, can you please tell us something about the film?
Akshay– At the moment i can’t tell you anything about the film otherwise my contract will be spoiled (Laughs). Farhad will be able to tell you.

By :- Sameer Ahire.

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