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Exclusive: Be audacious enough and fight the battle, eventually things will fall into the right place.” says Manisha.

Sunaina Bhatnagar’s Dear Maya brings Manisha Koirala back into our lives, with her versatility and star power intact. The actress plays a recluse who lives a bitter life locked away all alone in a bungalow, till two young girls decide to send her love letters posing as a fictitious suitor Ved, with the intention of brightening things up for her.

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Koirala was last seen in a psychological thriller Chehere: A Modern Day Classic. Dear Maya is being helmed by Sunaina Bhatnagar.

The trailer revolves around Maya (Manisha) who has never stepped out of her wobbly house, and two school students who try hard to bring change in her life. By ghostwriting love-letter from a suitor whom Maya had met close to 2 decade back, girls feels it is the best way to infuse love into her life. But what exactly happens after that? Well, you can find out once you watch the trailer.


Manisha, who has had several successful films and popular characters to her credit, is back after she battled cancer, and that also makes the film a must watch. The film will be released on June 2 this year.

The actress has been hailed as a survivor in more many ways than one, “Dear Maya has a beautiful message at the end of the movie. It tells people not to lose hope in extremest of the situation. Be audacious enough and fight the battle, eventually things will fall into the right place and you realize Duniya itni kharab bhi nahi hai, log itne bure bhi nahi hai.” says Manisha. There indeed is a positive message in the movie!

When asked about her  different phases of life, she said, I have witnessed both highs and lows in the journey of my life. I have always dealt the plethora of negativity and abundant hostility with sheer patience and will power. I never believed in giving up. I think, I have learned a lot from my bad times and it has only made me a stronger person. I have evolved as a person. The lesson taught by failure and bad times are the most precious lessons of life. Never get intimidated by failure. I feel blessed, god has bestowed immense blessings on me. Despite facing multitudinous of problems, at the end of it all, I never really lost anything. I still have my work, my fans, my family and I have a good life. 

Actress didn’t have any clue, if she will survive or not, the moment she heard that she had cancer. She was completely taken aback and was shaken!

She desperately wanted to mend everything which might had gone wrong during the time of her ailment. She would regret of not leading her life in a healthy way. Multiple questions haunted her. It was the most difficult phase in Manisha’s life. She learned a lot during the bad phase. She inculcated better understanding of people and life. She is come out as a winner, beautifully! ” Bahut kuch seekhne ko mila aur bahut kuch jaanne ko mila. Apne aap ko pehchanne ko mila.” said Koirala.

“In life, we should have the knack to maintain a balance. The moment we deviate ourselves from leading a balanced life, problems automatically occur. We cannot juggle up with plenty of things, simultaneously. We need to priorities our things for better living. There is nothing wrong in having aspirations and dreams but the only thing we need to understand is, we should not do anything at the cost of our well being and happiness. Life is very precious. Bhag daur mei hum jeena bhul jaate hai, jo bahut galat hai. so, learn to be relaxed and calm. Give time to yourself, introspect, love yourself, keep yourself happy, don’t over burden your shoulder and take good care of your health.”




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