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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Abhishek-Akshay – a collaboration of two passionate music makers

Their’s is a story of passion for music that is waiting to take wings at a larger level. Abhishek-Akshay, he young, raring to go music composer, songwriter and musician duo of the recently released Running Shaadi aspire to become a difference with their novel, innovative sound. Cine Speaks interacts with the duo as they share their experience on working for the film and many more! Read on..

How was your experience working with Amit Rao for Running Shaadi?

It was a brilliant experience; we have known him for some time. Both of us have been part of advertising for a long time. It was his directorial debut which made the experience even more interesting and special.

Which track is your favorite amongst the three that you have composed for the film?

All the tracks are very different from each other. Two of them have a touch of Bihar, one is more of a Punjabi style, they are lyrically very different and it is really hard to choose one amongst them. They are all close to us.

Since you guys have also composed music for Ads and TV, what is the difference in composing songs for these variants, including movies?

Creatively it is more or less the same. In Ads you are given a situation and a product as the central factor. Also there is time difference, you get 30 seconds to 1 minute in an Ad and you get 4 minute in a movie. The whole process is different. While you are making a song it is entirely on an expression or emotion, while in Ads you have a product involved. It is easy and difficult at the same time having its pros and cons. Nevertheless we enjoy the process.

Let’s talk about your experience on working with Bappi Da?

We weren’t say star stuck but we respect him, we were excited too to meet him. The kind of work he has done and the fact that he has survived so long. We are in awe on that. We went to his bungalow, he showed the room where he would sit and compose songs with Kishore Da and he has a studio where he records. We were very comfortable. It was very cool.

How did you two meet?

We met back in college. We were part of two different rock bands and became good friends as we started travelling and doing shows. We have collaborated on many projects. We were comfortable with each other and that’s when we decided to come out as a duel.

Since you guys collaborate and work, there would have been instances where the two of you wouldn’t agree with each other, how is the work pattern then?

If everything is going smooth, then something is wrong. We do have disagreements, but we come to a common ground very quickly because our background has been pretty much same. We love folk music, We have similar taste in music and that is how we draw a lot of inspiration from each other.

Have there been instances where, when you are not happy with the final output when your music is collaborated with video?

While making the song we don’t think about the video frankly. We know the situation; director has told us how the song is going to be. It doesn’t sound nice if we tell the director of how to shoot the song. They are doing their job, we are doing our job. If the video somehow is not really that great, if the music and video are not complimenting each other, we do feel hurt and bad about our product. But the background score is more apt for such situation.

What next after this?

We are pitching for a couple of films but since we can’t really talk much about it. There is a song in Running Shaadi; Mannerless Majnu sung by Sukanya, we plan to release an unplugged and soulful version of the same song with the same artist. Apart from that we are both working on a project on Indian folk music. We want to do our own rendition of the same.

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